Wardens Words



Well, as is always the case by February; Christmas and New Year now seem a distant memory!

However, we have very kindly been donated a new, artificial tree for our future Christmases, by the folk who have previously supplied the real tree. This will no doubt ornament our church at Christmas time for many years to come, so we’re very grateful for that. All we have to do now is find a home for it!

By the time you read this, we will hopefully be making good progress with the Church roof repairs (although probably not started). The various tenders have been received, and now have to be considered and then forwarded to the insurers for their consent to carry on with the work.

It is a lengthy process, but we’re getting there.

Once this work is completed, we will have pretty well covered all the immediate issues raised in the Quinquennial architect’s report.

Incidentally, you may not see too much of me over the next couple of months, unfortunately. I have quite a lot of weekend night-shifts coming up!


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