What is baptism?

In Baptism you as parents are thanking God for his gift of life, deciding to start your child on a journey of Christian faith and asking the people of St Mary’s Church to support you and your child in that journey. Your child becomes a member of the local and worldwide Christian family and as they grow up they need help to learn more about God, how to pray and what it means to be part of that Christian family. In the Anglican Church it is common to baptise young children; this is sometimes known as christening, but people can be baptised at any age.

It is a privilege to be part of this special day for you and your child. We want every child to know that they are special and uniquely valued by Jesus.

Baptisms take place the second and Fourth Sundays of the month at 12.00 noon. Due to the demand there may be two families having their child baptised in any one service. You will be advised of this.
Arrangements for baptisms can be discussed with the Rector. Please telephone Reverend Beverley Jameson on 01925 757081.

At the Baptism Service you as parents and godparents will be asked to declare publically on behalf of your child that you believe in God and that you will bring up your child to follow Jesus, you will be asked to answer for yourself and on your Child’s behalf that you have decided to turn away from everything that is sinful; to say sorry for the wrong things you have done in your life and to turn to Jesus to live the way he taught.

Godparents have a special role in helping a child to come to know God, encouraging them in their prayers and supporting them in their membership of the local church. Anyone can be a Godparent who is over 16 years old and who has been christened themselves.

You may also find the Church of England Christenings page helpful. It contains answers to many of the questions that you may have.