Mission and Vision

Our vision for Lymm St. Mary’s Church is to be a community of faith which serves our community:

a) spreading the good news of Jesus Christ by worship and witness and

b) loving and caring for all in our community through prayer, fellowship and action

Our vision for all the members of our Christian community is that we will each:

a) follow Jesus Christ in our daily lives

b) be faithful members of this local, as well as the wider, Christian community

c) share in the worship and service of the Church and give generously of who we are and what we have

d) take part in God’s mission to the world.

Our vision for our community is that the lives of all our friends and neighbours be touched by the reality of God’s love and that all hear the truth about Jesus Christ.


Reordering Programme

We are part way through an ambitious re-ordering programme which will transform the church buildings and allow them to be used much more readily for a wide range of community and worship based activities.