Mission and Vision

Mission Statement
St. Mary`s is a worshipping community which seeks to nurture people in faith and serve the needs of the wider community through practical engagement.

1. To share the good news of Jesus Christ to people of all ages and backgrounds
2. To nurture and grow disciples in Jesus Christ
3. To be a Christian presence at the heart of the community in Lymm
4. To provide a resource for the community
a) Attract and retain families and young people to grow the church and be a more broadly based church family (supporting Aim 1)
b) Diversify worship to have some informal services whilst retaining more formal worship (supporting Aim 1)
c) Provide an open, welcoming experience especially to those new to St Mary’s (supporting Aim 1)
d) Provide regular discipleship and bible study opportunities to explore faith (supporting Aim 2)
e) Provide Co-ordinated Pastoral Care within church family and within the wider community (supporting Aim 2&3)
f) Sustain links to schools and increase links to schools and young people (supporting Aim 3)
g) Sustain and develop projects and events networking within the church and the wider community (supporting Aim 3 & 4)
h) Maximise the use of the church building and the Church Hall (supporting Aim 4)