Overhauling the Church Web Site

It was back in 2009 that this web site was last revamped. Time (and technology!) have since moved on, and it is now felt to be time to give it an “overhaul”.

So, what is the aim of this next evolution of the site? The current version, that you are looking at now, was primarily intended as a resource to provide information for people who were not regular church-goers: visitors to Lymm, those wanting to organise a wedding or a baptism, those interested in finding out more about the church community etc.

We’d now like to move forwards to the next generation of web site. Ideally, the vision is that we create a site which will become a resource that is used by the regular congregation and others to exchange information and keep up to date with matters relating to the church.

As we do this, input from all of you would be highly valued. It would be a wonderful help if you were able to:

1)      Think about the different ways in which you would like to use the web site in the future

2)      Note down the two or three things that would be of greatest use to you, were they to be available on the web site and submit them by using the “Contact Us / Feedback” option from above.. What would you make regular use of? What would cause you to regularly visit the site?

Any suggestions you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

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