Handover of Lymm Historical Tithe Maps

Lymm Tithe Maps were handed over to St Mary’s Church 9 February. For about ten years the research group of the Lymm and District Local History Society has been working on a new revision of Lymm’s tithe map. This new one shows owners and occupiers of all the tithe plots in what was in1837, . Everyone is welcome to see these important documents by appointment via the contact page on this website. Tithes were a system where a person gave 10% of their income or crops to the church or those lay people who had the rights to receive the former monastery tithes. In the early years of Queen Victoria’s reign the government undertook a vast land survey of England and Wales to cover the majority of these two countries between 1837 and the mid 1850s. The authorities used the information to create apportionment books which detailed the plots of land owned and occupied by all levels of society. These schedules were then linked to very detailed maps to identify where the plot was, the houses and people on the land.

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