Experience Easter

Over 300 children from Cherry Tree, Statham Oughtrington and Ravenbank primary Schools in Lymm are coming to Experience Easter at St Mary’s Church Lymm over the next two weeks. Experience Easter is a series of six interactive displays telling the story of Easter where the children will be guided by church volunteers through the displays and will always have an activity to do at each display, for example at the Hopes and Dreams display which tells the story of Palm Sunday there is a road, palm leaves and a cross. Children are invited to pick up a stone, draw or write their hope and dream upon it, then place it at the foot of the cross. The displays are not just for children, many adults can also join in the activities or have a quiet moment to reflect and pray in the run up to Easter. There is an informal reflective service 10.30am Good Friday 15 April which is suitable for families and is another opportunity to see and take part in activities within the Experience Easter Displays.

Rev Bev said “ In 2018 and 2019 the children loved the interactive story of Experience Easter, but it does not matter if you are seven or seventy we can be alone and afraid sometimes and we can write or draw something to remind us of that and leave it in the Garden of Gethsemane. I really hope people come, enjoy the displays on Good Friday and learn a little more about the story of Easter.”

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